Proposed 2002 City of Parkland Budget Focuses on Parks
Parkland City Manager Nancy Morando addresses the city commission during the strategic planning meeting. {Jill Fox}

By Jill Fox

The initial public hearing for the 2022 City of Parkland budget will be held on September 13, when the city commission resumes its regular meetings.

This year’s total budget expenditures are $61,954,915.

In July, the commission voted to retain the millage rate of 4.2979, which represents the amount per every $1,000 of a property’s assessed value. If the rate remains the same, residents will pay more in taxes due to an increase in the assessed value of their homes.

The city’s proposed budget continues to focus on park improvements. Consistent with the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the 2022 budget includes a large increase in parks and grounds maintenance, improving existing parks, and building a new one.

The commission will also vote for new sports fees at Monday’s meeting to gain additional revenue to offset park maintenance costs.

Mayor Rich Walker said the city hasn’t been able to do as much as they have wanted because of money.

The recommended fees for the city’s sports organizations include both recreational and travel programs. Recreation programs will be assessed a user fee per participant listed on each roster, and travel programs will be assessed a user fee per travel team.

“The fees won’t make or break the budget, but they will offset maintenance costs and make things a little more fair for those who use the fields and those who don’t,” he said.

Walker explained the ones who use the fields the most will pay more. For example, the travel teams who practice and use the fields more often will be paying proportionally more than the recreational leagues.

“I have five kids, so I’ll pay more,” he said.

The fees, estimated to bring in $36,000 annually, will also be collected from individuals who help develop/train athletes at city outdoor park facilities.

The in-person meeting will be held in the commission chamber at city hall on Monday, September 13 at 7:00 p.m. or viewed via live stream.

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