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District 1 Candidates (Top) Simeon Brier, Denise DellaPolla, William Reicherter, and Alexander Zand. District 2 (Bottom) Jordan Isrow and Derek Olivier.

By Jill Fox

The week-long period to qualify for the Districts 1 or 2 seats for city commission is over, and six residents have now paid their qualifying fee –making them eligible to be on November’s ballot.

The candidates for District 1 are Simeon Brier, Denise DellaPolla, William Reicherter, and Alexander Zand, and District 2 are Jordan Isrow and Derek Olivier.

The special election will be held on November 3. Here’s some information about each of the candidates and why they want to be on the Parkland Commission.

District 1

Simeon Brier

Simeon Brier’s lifelong love of all things Parkland became even fiercer after the shooting at his alma mater moved the city onto the national stage. Brier, 45, met his wife, Theresa, in a leadership class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. They have two daughters, Angelina, a newly minted MSD grad, and Gianna, who will graduate from the high school in 2022.

Brier, a litigation attorney, said he has worked hard to make a difference for the city as a community leader and is running for city commissioner to build on that work and preserve the unique character of Parkland.

Denise DellaPolla

Heron Bay resident, Denise DellaPolla said she’s jumping in the race to be the eyes, ears, and voice for the residents of Parkland and overseeing its growth while keeping the hometown feel. DellaPolla and her husband, Vince, have been married for 27 years and have a 10-year-old daughter, Ava, in fourth-grade at Heron Heights Elementary School, and son Matthew, who graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2015.

DellaPolla believes the city should be smart with how it handles the growth — never getting away from what makes Parkland the hidden gem that it is now.

William Reicherter

Bill Reicherter has lived Heron Bay for 16 years. He has three children: Amanda, Francesca, and Rocco. As the CEO of three companies, Priority 1 Protection ProductsPriority 1 Disinfectant, and Lunasphere, Reicherter has worked on many projects, including the new Hard Rock Stadium, and solar panel signs for FPL floating in the Everglades.

He is focused on using his experience in business and construction development to facilitate the continued community unity of Parkland while building a smart infrastructure to accommodate the growing needs of residents and to support local businesses. He said he values the caring, unique community of Parkland, balanced with the need for smart community infrastructure.

Alexander Zand

Heron Bay resident and Marjory Stoneman Douglas graduate, Alex Zand, said the school shooting motivated him to dedicate his life to public service in every community he calls home. Zand, 21, began his freshman year at Florida Atlantic University in 2017, where he is majoring in political science and has a double minor in public management and sociology. He served as his university’s student body governor, where he represented over 20,000 students and said he felt the urge to felt back to the city that gave him everything, Parkland.

He said a few of the main areas he would love to focus on are public safety, parks and recreation, infrastructure and zoning, and education.

District 2

Jordan Isrow

Born and raised in Boca Raton, Jordan Isrow attended Pine Crest School and the University of Florida and received both his Juris Doctor and MBA from the University of Miami.

Currently general counsel for Oxygen Development, an international cosmetics company headquartered in South Florida. Isrow and his wife Jessica live in Watercrest and share their time with their 3-year-old son, Parker, and 7-month-old daughter, Maya.

His goal as a city commissioner is to continue making a positive impact for his community, with his top priority preserving Parkland’s unique character and the family-friendly environment — while best preparing the city for the future.

Derek Olivier

Native New Yorker Derek Olivier and his family moved to South Florida in 1993.  He is a graduate of Stetson University and the owner of One Market Real Estate in Coral Springs. Olivier and his wife, Renee, live in Parkland Isles with their 4-month old son, Lucas. Olivier wants to explore more ways Parkland can create more businesses. He’s proposing a moratorium on new construction in Parkland and spoke about the morning commute getting worse, with cars backed up for several blocks trying to get on the Sawgrass Expressway.

He is not accepting any donations and is proposing the city holds multiple video conferencing events like Zoom meetings, which will allow every candidate to speak on their positions, as well as have the public ask questions.

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Jill Fox
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