Heron Heights Elementary in Parkland. {BCPS} Cheating Scandal Leads to One-Year Teaching Ban for Former Parkland Teacher
Heron Heights Elementary in Parkland. {BCPS}

By Ryan Yousefi

State officials have banned a Parkland teacher from entering the classroom for at least a year following the conclusion of an investigation into allegations she helped students cheat on state exams.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Kerry Betts, 45, a former third-grade teacher at Heron Heights Elementary, has been suspended for a year following allegations that she aided students in cheating on the Florida Standards Assessment Test, the state’s primary standardized test. 

The original incident took place in April 2022, leading to a full investigation that led to the recent decision by the state Education Practices Commission to extend her hiatus from the classroom for at least another 12 months while the case is further reviewed. 

The August 3 ruling by the Commission stated that it has decided to place an additional one-year suspension of Betts’s teaching license. She will be subjected to two years of probation and must complete an education ethics course before her license can be reinstated.

An original investigation into Betts’s behavior revealed that in April of 2022, she had violated the terms of a 2022 Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Agreement while proctoring a portion of the Florida Standards Assessment Test.

The agreement clearly outlined how Betts, or any proctor/teacher overseeing the exams, were forbidden from reading test items or providing students with answers, violations Betts allegedly is guilty of.

The report indicates Betts was found to have read through test booklets, reviewed student answers, and even pointed out incorrect responses to students during the test. Some students were reportedly informed that their solutions to questions were wrong, and she provided hints for correct answers.

As a result of her actions, all reading scores for the affected class were invalidated. Betts resigned from her position in May 2022, citing family obligations. 

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