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By: Matt Rothman

In the world of high school sports, Macy Meis of Marjory Stoneman Douglas stands out not just for being on the cheerleading team but for the balancing act she performs as the media manager for the football team.

“Being a cheerleader and the media manager is literally being two people at the same time,” Meis said. “Both of those jobs require being on the field and the sideline at the same time doing two separate things.”

Meis, now a senior, grew up as a competitive dancer, and after taking a class with head coach Patricia Thompson, Meis decided to try out for the cheerleading team.

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At the same time, she also was pretty good with the camera. When Meis was little, she received a camera from her grandfather and quickly fell in love with photography. 

Meis typically spent six minutes cheering with her team while also taking photos for the other half of the quarter. Her work, though, doesn’t stop after the games. During the week, she attends practices and spends hours editing and creating designs for the team’s Instagram page.

Meis is also a Talk Media contributor providing photos for all the football games. 

“I am very grateful for the people who have been able to support me through the whole thing, Meis added. “It was definitely a really fun experience to juggle both. It was really challenging, but to take it on and pursue all my passions for me was worth all the struggle and sleepless nights.”

Meis is set to graduate this spring but has not decided which college she will attend. However, she wants to remain in-state and plans on continuing in sports while continuing to cheer and dance in college.  

Multitalented Macy Meis Shines as Varsity Cheerleader and Media Manager at Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Macy Meis. {MSD Media}

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