black history Month
Sean Simpson stands by Everglades Sunset, a photo of the river of grass near Atlantic Blvd.

By Jill Fox

Throughout February, the Parkland Library is showcasing photography by Jamaican-born Sean Simpson.

Landscapes, nature, water drops, aviation, and architecture are his focus. However, the Parkland Library exhibit will house a collection from his travels, including photos from the Yukon territory and Yellowstone National Park.

Simpson, 46, lives in Margate with his daughter, Kayla, and has taught chemistry and other science courses at Marjory Stoneman Douglas for 18 years.

“I didn’t consider myself an artist for a long time,” said Simpson, whose uncle was responsible for his passion for photography.

He’s never taken a formal class, and his uncle continues to mentor him to this day.

During the summers, he hones his craft while taking road trips with Kayla.

“We’ve been to 47 of the 50 states,” he said.

Simpson also does the custom framing himself — all handmade with electricity running through them to make each one unique. The patterns are formed from 15,000 volts of electricity, finding a path through the wood.  Next, the frame is encapsulated in epoxy resin.

“I felt like putting them in a regular frame just didn’t do them justice,” he said.

Residents can stop by the library during book-browsing hours to see the exhibit. Also, the library will feature a selection of books for Black History Month.

black history month
Sean and Kayla in Great Falls, Virginia, on a summer road trip through the mid-Atlantic states.

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Jill Fox
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