By Ryan Yousefi

A local garage band previously showcased on Parkland Talk is slated to appear at an upcoming music festival after the band left a strong impression on the venue during a previous performance.

In July, Parkland Talk introduced readers to the band HB Boulevard, a group of talented teens from Parkland and Coral Springs making waves in the music scene. 

At the time, the band – named after a street within the Heron Bay community – appeared on our radar after one of the bandmate’s mother sent a clip showing how dedicated the boys had become to their music.

The moment captured showed the band amid a grueling practice session in anticipation of their first big gig, performing in scorching South Florida summer heat with the help of some of their biggest fans – literal fans – the cooling kind.

The practice sessions came as HBB prepared to perform at Black Flamingo Brewing in Pompano, a gig that went extraordinarily well according to the band. So well, the band has been invited back to open a much larger music festival at the brewery later this month.

HB Boulevard shares with Parkland Talk that they’ve been invited to play a one-hour set at the upcoming Black Flamingo Music Festival on Thursday, August 26, at the brewery’s 3260 Northwest 23rd Avenue location, an event featuring at least 16 bands playing music across various genres.

Having impressed so well during their first go-round, the band has been pegged to kick off the entire night of music, beginning at 4:00 p.m. for a set that will last twice as long as any other band scheduled to appear. 

The journey from being a garage band to performing on a festival stage is definitely the first step in a long journey to stardom, and the members of HB Boulevard tell Parkland Talk seeing themselves in this publication felt like the beginning of it all. 

HB bass guitarist, Anthony, shares that he was initially surprised at seeing the band’s appearance in Parkland Talk, adding he only came across the coverage after a friend called him to tell him he needed to go online to check out the story.

 “I knew the Parkland Talk was going to do a story about HB Boulevard, but was surprised to see the pictures and video too,” Anthony said. Just as excited to see HBB mentioned, Logan, the rhythm guitarist, joking summed up his feelings about seeing HB covered by a local news outlet, saying two words: “We’re famous!” 

We have a feeling many more fans are in HBB’s future.

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Ryan Yousefi
Ryan Yousefi
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