By Ryan Yousefi

A group of talented students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that have formed a garage band known as “HB Boulevard” were recently caught on video by one of the band’s parents braving the elements in front of some of their biggest “fans.” 

A mother of a member of the house band “HB Boulevard,” ‘HB’ short for Heron Bay, recently sent to Parkland Talk a video of a moment she just had to share of the boys refusing to put down their instruments as summer heat levels skyrocketed. 

While their musical abilities are undeniable in the video, their ingenious solution to beat the heat during practice deserves much more, well, let’s say – fanfare. 

Along with the video, Jacqueline Jimenez, the mother of one of the band members, sent a note detailing how the young musicians – preparing for an upcoming gig – had surrounded themselves with a symphony of fans. 

No, not the adoring kind of fans that we usually associate with music, but actual cooling fans—eight of them, to be precise. 

According to Jimenez, the boys had cleverly positioned the fans to create a cooling breeze that would enable them to finish practice, and it was a sight to behold.

Jimenez said “HB” started the band two years ago and usually plays a lot of classic rock, some Green Day, Some Beastie Boys, Metallica, and Guns N Roses, in addition to music they’ve written themselves. 

‘HB’ is made up of bandmates Lawson (singer/guitarist), Logan (rhythm guitar), Josiah (drummer), Anthony (bass), and Jose, who realized early on that their combined musical talents weren’t only garage-worthy but main stage worthy.

According to the band, they’re currently seeking more paid gigs but have had quite a few opportunities pop up as of late, including a chance to perform at the 1st Annual Marjory Stoneman Douglas Battle of the Bands, where they impressed the crowds so much they’ve already been asked to return. 

Garage Band 'HB Boulevard' Braves Scorching Heat to Wow Their 'Fan-tastic Fanbase'
HB Boulevard in Parkland. {Photo by Meliyah Pauff}

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