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Joaquin Oliver, Luke Hoyer, and Alex Schachter {courtesy families}

By Jill Fox

In memory of Marjory Stoneman Douglas victims, Joaquin Oliver, Luke Hoyer, and Alex Schachter, the Parkland Basketball Club honored three players in the league.

After the 2018 mass shooting that killed 17, the Parkland Basketball Club created scholarships in their names for high school seniors participating in the Club.

This was the third year the Joaquin Oliver Leadership Award, the Luke Hoyer Sportsmanship Award, and the Alex Schachter Community Assist Award were distributed. Each $2,000 scholarship was established to reflect the characteristics of the individuals whose lives were taken.

Students submitted applications along with essays reflecting on their accomplishments in school, the Parkland Basketball Club, the community, and how they have impacted their lives and the lives of others, and applicants were selected by the Board of Directors.

Tyler Hersch, who will attend the University of Florida, received the Joaquin Oliver Leadership Award for demonstrating strength and leadership impacting his team, the Club, and the Parkland community. His commitment to teaching underprivileged children, participation in the “Buddies” program, and leadership in various school programs, contributed to his recognition.

Eddie DeGregorio, who will attend Florida State University, received the Luke Hoyer Sportsmanship Award for exemplifying the ideals of sportsmanship on the court with ethical behavior, fair play, and integrity. The Board recognized his commitment to serving the underprivileged in North Carolina, as well as being a great teammate and exhibiting tremendous sportsmanship towards his opponents.

Vaibhav Joshi, who will also attend Florida State University, received the Alex Schachter Community Assist Award for his community engagement, philanthropic activity, and charity work. His commitment to serving the community, leadership in various school programs, and stellar academic record were commended, as well as the sportsmanship he exhibited over the years.

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