lennar Parkland Community Blame Developer For Mold
Presence of mold in MiraLago clubhouse

By Jill Fox

Mega-developer Lennar has often been the source of headaches for residents living in the northwest portion of Parkland. From drainage problems to project completion timelines, these issues now include mold inside the MiraLago clubhouse.

In a letter to residents, Homeowners Association President Jeff Goldstein explained how the board put the developer on notice that they must address the suspected presence of mold in the community’s clubhouse, still owned by Lennar.

Since 2015, the palatial 24,000 square foot building has had water damage and repeated complaints from residents about suspected mold inside.

“Lennar has made attempts to fix or mask the problem by using bleach, paint, and air freshener to hide black stains and a prominent musty odor,” Goldstein wrote.

On December 29, Environmental Research & Restoration, Inc. conducted an impromptu inspection of the clubhouse, but the process was cut short when Lennar contacted the Broward Sheriff’s Office to suspend the assessment.

The partial report, which cited significantly elevated moisture levels and evidence of dangerous mold conditions, was sent to Lennar with a demand letter from MiraLago’s attorney, Paul Milberg.

“As this is obviously a serious health, safety, and welfare issue for the entire community, it is demanded that Lennar take immediate action to remove all existing mold in the clubhouse and take all necessary measures to prevent the mold issues from recurring,” Milberg wrote.

Mayor Rich Walker said it was tough to know exactly what was going on because Lennar hasn’t allowed anyone to do a complete investigation. The city has hired consultants to look into their codes and inspection processes for the ongoing drainage issues in MiraLago and other communities.

With Lennar currently in talks with the city attorney, Walker was unable to comment further.

“The best possible outcome by presenting Lennar with this report is for them to make the necessary corrections so the residents and guests can enjoy the use of a safe and hazard-free clubhouse, which we all pay for,” wrote Goldstein.

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Jill Fox
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