Parkland weekly Crime Update by Parkland Talk

By Jim Donnelly

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates with residents, this is a summary of crimes and other Parkland incidents through September 11, 2023.

Threats / Intimidation

A victim of Threats / Intimidation on NW 70 Way was reported on 09/05/2023. The victim showed the Deputy a handwritten note on copy paper he had found in his mailbox that morning stating, “Better watch your back cracker a– racist b—ch.” The victim alleges the individual who left the note was Chong Bae Yoo, who goes by John/Johnny. The victim was walking his dog past Yoo’s home when two of Yoo’s dogs came running out towards the victim. The victim, who only wished to protect his dog, stated he was only trying to get his dog away from Yoo’s dogs when Yoo, unprovoked, yelled, “You MFing skinhead white supremacist b—ch” to the victim. Yoo also posted multiple social media videos/messages stating racial slurs/derogatory statements against the deputies who responded to his home.

Extortion / Blackmail

A victim of Extortion / Blackmail on NW 67 Place was reported on 9/06/2023. The victim advised that an unknown female threatened to send a nude picture of him to friends and family if he didn`t pay her $100.


Information on Old Club Road was reported on 09/06/2023. A verbal argument over the use of a tennis ball machine broke out. The complainants stated that they were yelled at by other club members over the use of the club’s ball machine. The two women stated that they were called fat by one of the aggressors. Both women stated that the other club members were loud and aggressive.

Information on NW 80 Terrace was reported on 09/07/2023. The reporting person advised that she hired Sam Van Services LLC to do a kitchen renovation. The contractor never finished the renovation and has not been in communication with the complainant. The contractor is in possession of materials that the reporting person has already paid for.

Burglary Conveyance

A victim of Burglary Conveyance on NW 65 Terrace was reported on 09/06/2023. The total estimated loss was $1,500. The suspect removed 2-weedeaters, one 1-hedge trimmer, and one 1-blower from the rear of the truck bed. All equipment is Stihl brand. The approximate total value of $2,000.

A victim of Burglary Conveyance on NW 95 Lane was reported on 09/10/2023. Four burglary conveyances occurred; one vehicle was left unlocked, and three vehicle’s rear windows were smashed.

Criminal Mischief

A victim of Criminal Mischief on NW 115 Terrace was reported on 09/09/2023. The victim advised that she was leaving her home to run errands when she noticed a spray-painted swastika on the sidewalk in front of her house.


A Fire on NW 80 Terrace was reported on 09/11/2023. The workers at the residence used a small fire to burn yard waste. Smoke prompted a report of fire. Deputies and Fire Rescue responded, but the fire was extinguished by workers on the scene using a garden hose. The resident advised burning is not permitted for yard waste disposal. No property was damaged as a result of the fire.


A victim of Theft From a Building on Vista Terrace was reported on 09/11/2023. The total estimated loss was $6,869.


No arrests were reported.

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