By: Sharon Aron Baron

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of incidents that occurred in Parkland through May 17.


5901 Pine Island Rd. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
On May 8, an adult student at MSD High School committed a battery on a school employee.

Burglary Conveyance

6400 block of NW 65th Ter. Corso Acres

On May 9, a suspect was observed on surveillance video going through the victim’s unlocked vehicle. An Oakley backpack removed and recovered in the front yard during an area canvas. Video very low quality. The victim did not seek prosecution, due to the property being recovered.

Burglary Residence

9700 block of NW 61st Dr. The Landings
On May 15, an unknown suspect(s) entered an opened garage and drove away with the victim’s vehicle. An Auto Theft Affidavit was signed and Records Teletype entered the vehicle into the system as a stolen vehicle.

Criminal Mischief

11400 block of Heron Bay Blvd N. Heron Bay
Complainant advised that he was at a party and when he came out he noticed that his car was scratched. Complainant did not witness who damaged his vehicle.

Drugs/Narcotics Offenses

5901 Pine Island Rd. Marjory Stoneman Douglas
On May 17, a juvenile student was placed under arrest for Possession of THC.

Domestic Disturbance

6800 block of NW 108 Ave. Parkland Isles
On May 9, a 14-year-old female threw a temper tantrum when parents took away her cellphone.

Fraud – All Other

11200 block of NW 79th Manor. Heron Bay
On May 7, the victim received a fake email from her “boss” requesting gift cards. The victim went to a CVS and purchased 3-$500 gift cards and gave the suspects(s) the validation codes via email.


6500 block of Windsor Dr. The Mews
Between May 3 and May 6, a resident reported someone attempted to take $1,662.04 from her bank account without her permission.

11200 Trails End,
On May 10, Contact made with two subjects during a traffic stop. Subjects were in possession of a floor jack, paver stones, ski mask, gloves and lug nuts inside one of their pocket. Subjects were read Miranda and gave conflicting statements as to what they were doing in the city. Subjects were issued juvenile Civil Citations for loitering/prowling and their vehicle towed

11010 Nob Hill Rd. Heron Heights Elementary

On May 9, A kindergarten student who has a history of bloody noses, experienced one while in aftercare. Coral Springs Parkland Fire Department responded to treat the child. The child’s father arrived on the scene and refused further medical treatment and took the child home

5901 Pine Island Rd. Marjory Stoneman Douglas
On May 10, a staff member was taken to the hospital for an allergic reaction.

7500 block of Nw 61 Ter. Mill Run
On May 10, an unknown subject made a fake Grinder account, listing reporting person’s information on the profile. The reporting person is receiving unwanted text messages from subjects looking for a meetup. Unknown subject is possibly an acquaintance.

5901 Pine Island Rd. Marjory Stoneman Douglas
On May 10, a student was not feeling well. Parent refused transport by fire rescue

5901 Pine Island Rd. Marjory Stoneman Douglas
On May 13, a student sustained a bruise to her forehead area, after she fainted in a classroom. The student was alert and conscious soon after the incident and she was brought to the nurse’s clinic. The student’s mother was contacted and she arrived at the school to sign the student out shortly thereafter.

5851 Holmberg Rd. Bell Parkland
On May 13, Narcan was used on a non-responsive patient. The patient was suffering from a seizure that could have been drug-related. Once fire rescue arrived the paramedic took over the scene.

7400 block of NW 70th Av, Parkland Estates
On May 14, as a Broward County school bus was entering the Parkland Estate community the entrance gate came down on the front of the bus. There was no damage to the bus. The only damage to the gate was to the plastic nuts that hold the gate arm on the gate.

11010 Nob Hill Rd. Heron Heights Elementary
On May 14, the resident reported that her daughter had been bullied at school and online.

6650 University Dr. Parkland District Office
On May 14, the victim stated that he was being followed by a known subject on the highway. Where he followed him from Parkland to Coral Springs.

Lost Property

8800 block of Watercrest Cir. Watercrest
On May 7, a homeowner called the Broward Sheriff’s Office Parkland District to report a lost wallet.

9650 Eden Manor. Parkland Golf & Country Club
On May 9, BSO was called in reference to a lost wallet.

7800 block of E Upper Ridge Dr. Cypress Head
On May 15, a resident called to report that the investigating officer threatened her dog by saying that he was going to shoot and kill her dog.

Suspicious Person

11010 Nob Hill Rd. Heron Heights Elementary
On May 7 and reported May 9, a suspicious Person was in the area of Heron Heights Elementary School. Investigation revealed he was there to visit a former teacher of his.

Theft – All Other

5801 Hillsboro Blvd. Great Dane Petroleum
Between May 4 and May 10, a yellow Honda GX90 compactor was removed from the gas station area. Compactor weighs approximately 750 pounds and is worth $8,600. Fencing around the station was removed and running surveillance video on site. No serial number provided at the time of the report.

6300 block of NW 58th Way. Sable Pass
On April 29, the victim purchased a women’s ring online to be delivered to her by May 2. Item never arrived. Fed Ex claims it was delivered.

Theft – Retail / Shoplifting

5901 Hillsboro Blvd. BJ’s Wholesale Club
On May 15, a subject entered the listed address selected merchandise and left without making payment.

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