By: Sharon Aron Baron

BSO Captain Jan Jordan speaking to residents of Heron Bay.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

“It’s a crime of opportunity,” said BSO Captain Jan Jordan to the homeowners of Heron Bay who wanted more information about recent auto thefts in the city.

On Wednesday night, several hundred residents of Heron Bay filled the meeting room at Plaza Del Lago. According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, there have been 28 auto thefts and 87 auto burglaries in the City of Parkland since January.  

Auto Thefts and Burglaries in Parkland 2017

Auto Thefts
Heron Bay – 5
Watercrest – 2
Landings –     3
Pinetree –      3
PGCC –           3
Mill Run –      1
Parkland Reserve – 1
Bell Parkland –  1
Country Point – 1
Hillsboro Pines – 2
Mira Lago –  4
Fox Ridge –   1
Meadow Run – 1

Total Auto Thefts –28
YTD Auto Burglary –  87

Jordan told the residents that the crimes are occurring in different parts of Parkland at various times of day, making it frustrating for detectives since there’s no clear pattern. Thieves are taking all different types of cars – so no specific models are being targeted.

What makes the crimes so preventable is that none of the criminals have broken a window or lock.  “They’re all opportunities,” said Jordan. “These have all been opportunities for these kids to come in.”

Jordan said she wasn’t making any excuses, but every one of the stolen cars had a key fob left inside. “When you leave a key fob in your car, it will turn on.”

BSO has plain-clothed deputies working at night and some during the day patrolling the areas.  She said that the ‘kids’ committing the crimes are not being sentenced for long enough periods of time: typically less than 21 days, and then they’re back out doing it again.  She refers to the criminals as kids.  “I look at these pictures and when they’re between 13 and 17 year’s old – they’re kids.”

Jordan doesn’t go on social media and urges others that if they want to know true crime stats to call her office and reminds them, “If you see something, say something. That means call 911, and if you aren’t sure if it’s an emergency or really suspicious, just call 911.”

Commissioner Stacy Kagan suggested to those that keep their garage door remotes inside of their cars to remember to lock the inside garage doors to their homes as criminals will also have access.

Jordan told the residents to always remember the whereabouts of their key fobs and shared what the City of Boca Raton posted that helps:  ‘WTF’  which reminds residents to ask: Where’s the Fob?  She also instructed her deputies to knock on residents doors at night when they see garage doors open and car lights on.  She said they could shut it for them, but then they would never know they left them open.

A deputy always patrols the Heron Bay zone so there is someone around.  “The deputies are out there patrolling around.  I expect it.  I demand it. They know that, and they’re out there and they take it very personally when we have to take a report in the morning.”

BSO Detective Todd Christie.

Detective Todd Christie told residents that the biggest thing that they’re seeing now, is every one of the auto thefts were the result of doors unlocked and keys in the car and said that BSO cannot be everywhere.

“This neighborhood is huge. For him to drive down every street in this neighborhood would take him probably a week.”  He asked for everyone’s help in calling 911 if they see something, and keeping their doors locked. 

“The Board of Directors of Heron Bay takes the safety of our residents as our number one priority,” said Heron Bay HOA Vice President David Silver. “ We are working closely with Police Chief Jan Jordan to ensure that all possible precautions are being taken.”

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