Parkland's 'Mayors for a Month' Prepare for their Terms in Office 1
Izabel Perez and Ayur Patel with Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky reviewing the commission meeting agenda with them.

By Jill Fox

Four lucky students have won a chance to rule over Parkland.

This year’s winners for the Mayor for a Month contest were announced by Mayor Christine Hunschofsky at the Parkland City Commission meeting on February 20. Each of the selected students submitted an application for an opportunity to spend some quality time with Hunschofsky and the commission.

“It is our hope this program stimulates their interest in municipal government,” said Hunschofsky, when she congratulated the winners at the city commission meeting.

Winners were: Einav Cohen, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Westglades Middle School students Izabel Perez, 6th grade, Ayur Patel, 7th grade and Chase Cooper, 8th grade. 

According to Hunschofsky, the program seeks to provide young people with the confidence, support, and recognition that will allow for additional opportunities for them to become involved in their community and develop as leaders.

“I always enjoy working with the students in our community and am thrilled when I see their interest in local government and being more involved in the community,” said Hunschofsky.

Perez said she’s excited to learn more about the government because when she grows up, she would like to be a lawyer or the president, while Patel said that he is most looking forward to learning about the issues in Parkland and having the experience to be a local politician.

Hunschofsky and the winners corroborated for the first time on March 6, while reviewing the agendas for both the 6 p.m. workshop and 7 p.m. commission meeting.

In addition to attending local events and meetings, each of the winners will have the opportunity for a period of one month to engage in open discussions with the mayor about current city events and ask questions.

Cohen, who is president of the politics club at Marjory Stoneman Douglas believes it was her passion for politics that made her a mayor for a month winner. She said that she’s most interested in the philosophical aspect of politics.

“That it’s our choice to make a difference but that choice can sometimes be prohibited by certain things,” said Cohen.

Her goal is to attend a Florida university, major in political science and attend law school.

For those who missed the first entry period, there is another opportunity to enter by Sunday, March 10. Students residing in Parkland in 6 – 12 grade can apply by completing this phrase: “If I were Mayor of Parkland…”

To find out more and submit an application, go to: Student Mayor Program. 


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Jill Fox
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