By Michael Citron

Are you at a crossroads, wondering whether to rent or buy a home in today’s real estate market? It’s a question many potential homebuyers grapple with, and the answer isn’t always straightforward.

In this market update, we’ll explore the various factors that can help you make an informed decision by examining a real-life example of a home currently listed for sale and rent in South Florida. We’ll also delve into tax savings, mortgage interest rates, and the current state of the real estate market.

Exploring the Rent vs. Buy Dilemma: 

Let’s break down the rent vs. buy dilemma by examining a specific example. In South Florida, there’s a home listed for sale at $866,000 and also available for rent at $5,000 per month. This scenario reflects the choices you might face in the real estate market today.

Cost Per Month:

If you choose to buy, you’d be looking at a monthly cost of approximately $7,500, taking into account fluctuations in interest rates. A 15% down payment would result in a 7.75% interest rate (which can vary), and monthly principal and interest payments of just under $5,400, totaling around $58,000 in mortgage interest for the first year.

Equity and Tax Write-Offs:

One of the significant perks of homeownership is the ability to write off mortgage interest. Depending on your tax bracket, this can translate into substantial savings. Additionally, you can write off property taxes, with the government allowing deductions of up to $10,000 per year.

When you buy a home, you’re not just spending money; you’re building equity. Even if the market remains stable and your home doesn’t appreciate in value, you’re still accumulating equity by paying down the principal and interest on your mortgage over time.

 Renting Drawbacks:

On the flip side, renting comes with its downsides. Most renters must provide the first and last month’s rent, along with a security deposit, which can amount to at least $15,000 just to move in. While renting offers flexibility, it doesn’t allow you to build equity or enjoy the same tax benefits as homeowners.

Renters often face the uncertainty of annual lease renewals, rent increases, and the potential of having to move out if the owner decides to sell the property or make other changes. The rental market in places like South Florida has witnessed a 4-5% increase in rental rates for single-family homes.

Currently, there are various programs available that offer financial incentives to buyers, potentially reducing the overall cost of buying a home. These programs can level the playing field, making homeownership a viable option even with high-interest rates.

Moreover, owning a home for at least two years and one day can have substantial tax benefits. With consistent appreciation rates of 4-5%, you can potentially save on capital gains taxes when you decide to sell your property.

Parkland Real Estate Market Update:

Now, let’s take a look at the current state of the real estate market in Parkland, Florida. Inventory has decreased, with 92 single-family homes for sale, excluding 55+ communities and townhomes. About 46% of these homes have already experienced price reductions.

The market dynamics are evolving, with some neighborhoods experiencing seller’s markets while others see buyer’s markets fast approaching, depending on price points and locations. The median sales price for the year stands at around $1.17 million, with a median price per square foot of $350.

For those considering renting, there are 41 available homes for rent in Parkland, with 56% of them having reduced their rental asking prices. The median rental cost in 2023 is $2.03 per square foot, showing a 5% increase from the previous year. Rental demand has increased by 22% compared to last year.

Mortgage interest rates have fluctuated, with the 30-year fixed rate at 7.41% and the 15-year rate at 6.82%. Buyers seeking better rates might opt for buy-down programs, reducing interest rates to the low 6s.

Given the ever-changing real estate market, staying informed is essential. When considering buying or renting, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of the local market, mortgage rates, and your personal financial situation.

The decision to rent or buy a home in today’s real estate market is a significant one that should be made with careful consideration. The advantages of homeownership, including equity building and tax benefits, make it a compelling option even with fluctuating interest rates. Additionally, the current real estate market conditions in Parkland, Florida, offer various opportunities to both buyers and renters.

As you navigate this decision, remember that the choice to rent or buy should align with your long-term goals, your financial situation, and your personal preferences. When you work with a real estate professional like Parrot Realty, you gain access to invaluable expertise and insights to guide you throughout this important decision. Don’t rush into renting, thinking you’ll buy when rates drop – it could cost you more in the long run. We recommend that you consult with your financial advisor and accountant before considering buying or renting.

If you would like to speak with me directly, just click here to set up a discovery call so we can navigate your real estate journey.

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Michael Citron – Owner & Realtor of Parrot Realty

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