good boy shelter

By Claire Cornish

The last 365 days have been misery for poor Face, who, despite being fun, friendly, and fond of playing with his favorite humans, has been consistently overlooked during his stay at the shelter.

Face is a smart dog who can play on his own and entertain himself in a constructive way. His favorite thing is throwing a ball and then chase after it or trot around the yard in the fresh air.

He would love to get out of the shelter for a bit and be in a foster home where he can relax and put his paws up for a while and remember how to be a dog again.

Face is a little embarrassed to admit that he doesn’t care for other dogs’ company, so he would rather be the only pet in the home. He is a wonderful dog who needs a chance and is hoping for a holiday miracle this year.

Face is at Broward County Animal Care, 2400 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, and you can meet him there, or find out more about him by sending an email to

Face says, “Please give me a chance to show you what a great companion I am!”

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Adam Baron Law