This Older Dog Needs a Loving Home and Lots of Affection

By Claire Cornish

At fourteen years of age, sweet Lavender should be curled up on a loved one’s lap or snuggled up on a comfortable couch with her family close by.

It’s hard to imagine what this gentle senior has been through lately before turning up at the county shelter as a stray.

Lavender loves people and has clearly been given lots of affection in her life because she welcomes it now and seems familiar with a gentle hand or a rub of the head.

She is looking for a place to call home again, and although she is rich in experience, she still has plenty of golden years ahead of her.

This gorgeous pup is currently living at Broward County Animal Care, and although the shelter is closed to the public at the moment, you can make an appointment to meet her by sending an email to

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