Vice Mayor Udine Says Video Capabilities for 911 Calls to Become a Reality

By Cassandra Spohn 

Broward County is bringing in technology to enable video capabilities to 911 callers.

During Tech Week in Miami Vice Mayor, Michael Udine met with Carbyne, a public safety technology company.

“I brought it up in a commission meeting and found out the technology was already being discussed,” said Udine. “The technology is not available yet, but we’re speaking with the Sheriff and County to bring this next upgrade.”

Once this technology becomes available county-wide, callers will not need to download an app to their cellphones for this to work. When calling 911, they’ll be connected to a dispatcher, just as they would today. The program then sends a link back to the cellphone, and callers can use that link to turn on their camera. 

Jessica Farbman Price

In April 2019, Text-to-911 was introduced in Broward County. According to Udine, there will be no additional cost to taxpayers for the new technology. 

“Anything we can do for a fast and efficient response is something we should support for public safety,” said Udine. 

The goal is to obtain the equipment and make 911 video calls available throughout Broward County within the next year. 

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