Broward County Animal Care

By: Claire Cornish

There are not enough superlatives that we can use to describe how amazing this gentle soul really is.

Jack is a sweet, friendly, and well-behaved senior who has the heart and the energy of a much younger pup. He has a lot of skills, and he loves nothing more than to show them off. His favorite talent is sitting and offering his paw in exchange for a treat or three.

He enjoys eating out, riding in the car, and sitting companionably with his people. Jack has a few areas on his body where his hair is a little patchy, but despite this, he is exceptionally handsome, and once he is able to enjoy some good food and a stress-free environment, he will be as good as new.

Jack says to Parkland residents: “Please let me share my golden years with you!”

Jack is seeking a forever family or a foster home where he can put his paws up and relax. Jack’s ID# is A1515125, and he is currently at the Broward County Animal Care and Adoption, 2400 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale. Open Tuesday – Sunday.

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