cookie business
Sienna Lopez, 11, bakes chocolate chip cookies to deliver.

By Jill Fox

In addition to starting sixth grade at North Broward Preparatory School on Wednesday, Sienna Lopez, 11, is busy launching her new business.

Lopez, who lives in Parkland’s MiraLago community, said she thought it would be fun to come up with a business because she was, well, a little bored at home. First, she had an idea to sell books, walk dogs, or babysit —  but needed something contactless during COVID-19.

Her mother, Kate Lopez, said she’s been ready to be busy.

“She was so bored the first few months of the pandemic,” she said.

Using a family recipe, Sienna decided to sell chocolate chip cookies.

“We usually give them away for Christmas, and everyone loves them,” said Sienna.

Dropping off sweet treats to neighbors made sense, and getting the word out was easy. With help from her mom, Sienna posted a video on the MiraLago Facebook page promoting her new business.

Within minutes, orders poured in from neighbors, one even asking for gluten-free options.

cookie business
Ben Pulsifer, 4, enjoys his chocolate chip cookies.

An avid baker at just 11-years-old, Sienna has been in the kitchen forever. According to her mother, she has loved cooking shows since kindergarten.

Sienna’s grandparents have called her Chi Chi since she was a baby, so her company’s name came easily — Chi Chi’s Cookies.

For now, Chi Chi’s Cookies only come in chocolate chip, but she has plans to include oatmeal, one of her grandmother’s recipes.

Jessica Farbman Price

She said her earnings would go towards supplies, like packaging, labels, and stickers, but she eventually hopes to give some to charity.

Chi Chi’s Cookies are available with contactless delivery for $2 for four cookies. Those interested in purchasing a batch can email Sienna.

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