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By Jill Fox

With the Parkland Library addition nearly complete, kids can now have a hand in its future.

Thanks to the Friends of the Library, the new children’s wing will be adorned with handprints as children leave their marks for the community to see. The organization, which raises funds through memberships, donations, and book sales to support the valuable programming and services of the library, has come up with a unique way for local children to leave a legacy.

For the introductory price of $75, parents can have their child’s name, date, and “helping handprint” forever engrained on the legacy wall, located at the back of the library.

Kathy Kestler, President of Parkland Friends of the Library, said they value the importance of history and are proud of the Parkland Library’s journey from starting as a little concession stand, growing into a trailer, and becoming the gem that it is today within the heart of the city.

“We desired an opportunity for our current and future generations to be able to become a part of Parkland’s history and a way for them to show their support of the library on our legacy wall,” she said.

Once they have 25 participants, the Friends of the Library will schedule a few dates for hand printing to create the tiles.  This will be an ongoing project, and they plan to hold events regularly, with the first one in February.

Kestler said they believe the introductory offer of a $75 donation per tile will spur the excitement for signups.

“The buzz has been overwhelming. Parents love the idea that their donations will support the specialty programming that they already enjoy at our library,” she said.

Parents interested in purchasing a tile should visit

Kestler said, “We envision the day when future generations return to see their handprints of their parents on the legacy wall.”

For more information, visit, or call Kathy Kestler at 561-809-9575.


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Jill Fox
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