City of Parkland Unveils New $90,000 Logo

By Ryan Yousefi

The City of Parkland’s nationally recognized reputation for resiliency and hometown togetherness will now have a new logo to represent it, crafted using input from over 800 Parkland residents.  

According to Parkland’s Director of Communications, Todd DeAngelis, designing the city’s new logo began in January 2022 when the city conducted outreach to residents through focus groups and an online survey to gather information about the city’s image and identity. 

“It’s easy to create something that half the city will love, and the other half would not relate to. The challenge is to create something neutral enough so everyone can be included but distinctive enough to stand out,” DeAngelis told Parkland Talk.

DeAngelis said a large chunk of the process was ensuring the new logo’s design was ensuring people instantly knew what it stands for, and something residents would be proud to share.

“Parkland is a wonderful place with amazing residents — that can’t be summed up in a singular image. A logo is a visual identifier that is associated with the city. You hope along the way that you end up with something that is clean, easy to reproduce, and in time, instantly recognizable.”

The city told Parkland Talk the focus groups and survey focused on getting input from a diverse set of residents, including representatives from various community groups, city staff, and local businesses. 

Through the crowd-sourcing process, the city learned that its residents view Parkland as a young, family-friendly community that is proud, grounded, and resilient. 

City of Parkland Unveils New $90,000 Logo
The City of Parkland’s new horizontal logo.

In order to create a logo and tagline that reflected this identity, the city hired North Star, a location branding firm out of Jacksonville, and allocated a budget of $90,000. DeAngelis said the firm was a necessity to ensure residents from all walks of life had a say in what the logo would feel like. 

City of Parkland Unveils New $90,000 Logo
The City of Parkland’s new circular logo.

“There are a few challenges with this process, of course, which is a key reason you want to use a firm that has done this many times before,” DeAngelis.  

“One challenge is securing enough input from residents to have a representative sample from all sections of the city. Another is ensuring the resulting logo, color scheme, tagline, etc., do not exclude anyone, but rather are inclusive.” 

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