Carla Joseph, CEO and founder of NutriFlo IV Lounge and Medspa.
Carla Joseph, CEO, and founder of NutriFlo IV Lounge and Medspa.

By Jill Fox

Beginning November 24, a new type of sustainable self-care and wellness to stimulate good health opens its doors in Coral Springs.

NutriFlo IV Lounge and Med Spa empowers people to improve their immune system through IV hydration therapy and look more beautiful in the process.

“Overall, I’m looking to bring health and wellness to the Coral Springs community,” said Carla Joseph, CEO, and founder of NutriFlo IV Lounge and Medspa.

Joseph, a board-certified nurse practitioner, has more than ten years of experience in health and wellness. Her mission is to empower people to look and feel good.

She and her husband, McAshley, have lived in Coral Springs since 2018 and have three small children, ages seven, five, and two. In addition to co-owning NutriFlo, the Josephs are also in the process of opening Burgerhive, a vegan burger joint in Davie.

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About two years ago, after working as a nurse in many different types of modalities, Joseph began working solely with IV therapy.

She said it improves physical wellness, boosts metabolism, and rehydrates the skin while giving the body the nutrients it needs to stay in top condition and strengthen its immune system.

First, she started with a concierge business, where she would travel to the clients to give treatments in the comfort of their own homes.

“It provides wellness from the inside out,” she said. “If you’re dehydrated and your skin is parched, you won’t feel well.”

Joseph ultimately decided to open a brick and mortar location and added an aesthetics branch.

At NutriFlo, clients can choose from a wide variety of offerings, from facial rejuvenation, injectables, and hair growth, to weight loss services. But their main focus is IV hydration therapy.

“Our motto is to recharge, rejuvenate and rehydrate,” said Joseph. “When you receive an IV, 100 percent of the vitamins and nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream right away, for immediate use by your body, unlike taking typical supplements or vitamins.”

The minimally invasive treatment takes about 45 minutes, and the IV lounge has multiple drips or “cocktails” customized to fit each client’s needs.

For example, an athlete may choose a combination packed with amino acids to help with performance and recovery. Simultaneously, someone else may prefer a beauty drip that fortifies hair, skin, and nails.

She states their immunity boost would probably be ideal for anyone right now, and all procedures are administered by a board-certified nurse practitioner.

Located at The Shoppes at Heron Lakes, next to LA Fitness, she chose the location for NutriFlo IV Lounge to become the exclusive medical spa in the Parkland/Coral Springs area to specialize in IV vitamin infusions and vitamin injections.

With experience as a nurse practitioner, as well as being a very health conscience vegan, Joseph is committed to the holistic mission of inspiring healthier living as clients beautify their authentic selves.

NutriFlo follows all COVID standards, such as wearing face shields and masks, sanitizing often, and making it a safe, clean, and relaxing environment.

Prices for the IV lounge start at $150, and for those who may not have the time or want something else, vitamin injections start at $25.

Memberships are $99 a month and include savings on all services, products, and retail, as well as a free IV drip on the client’s birthday.

Between November 24 and December 4, first-time visitors can take advantage of a founder’s discount for 30 percent off any service. Similarly, memberships will be discounted to $59 a month for anyone who joins during the first week they are open.

Interested individuals can schedule an appointment online at or call 954-406-3155 for a free consultation.

NutriFlo IV Lounge and Med Spa is located at 5619 Coral Ridge Drive in Coral Springs near the LA Fitness. Hours are weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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