Darrell Wilde, General Manager, with an update on the restaurant renovation at Parkland Golf & Country Club. 

By Ryan Yousefi

Parkland Golf & Country Club, home to the only golf course in the city, has undertaken an expansive multi-million-dollar makeover to enhance its already esteemed reputation.

Known for its picturesque landscape and world-class golf course, PGCC is home to politicians, restaurant owners, Miami Dolphins, and current and former Panther players.

“The community offers different homes at different price points, so it’s appealing to all Parkland budgets from under a million to six million,” said Michael Citron, a resident of PGCC and owner of Parrot Realty. “We have a mixture of younger and older residents living the PGCC lifestyle with a melting pot of diversity.”

Anush Badikyan, membership and marketing director, said their commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for their members is at the core of these renovations. “We’re not just upgrading facilities but creating a lifestyle that truly resonates with modern expectations.”

The first phase of the renovation began in December 2022 and focused on the club’s restaurant. As the restaurant project began, Badikyan explained that the goal was to craft an elevated culinary experience within a contemporary and luxurious setting, a blend the community is well known for.

“Our redesigned restaurant strikes a balance between contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance — a harmonious blend that creates an atmosphere that complements our club’s natural beauty.”

In April 2023, the club redirected its focus to the golf course, aiming to deliver a new level of sophistication. “Our vision is to offer not just a golf course but an environment that encapsulates luxury and leisure in every detail,” Badikyan explained.

Citron said he has observed this transformation first-hand.

“It feels like they’re constructing a new golf course. It’s being meticulously maintained,” he noted, adding that the upgraded amenities contribute to the appeal of the area’s 878 single-family homes and 60 condominiums.

The club continued renovations in June with the Sports Center, which includes fitness, racquet sports, and children’s facilities.

“We aim to create a Sports Center that meets and exceeds expectations, including revamping fitness spaces, offering state-of-the-art equipment, and enhancing recreational areas to provide an innovative environment,” Badikyan said.

Parkland Golf & Country Club Reveals Details of Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Plans
Parkland Golf & Country Club is currently undergoing a golf course renovation. {PGCC}

Ensuring the comfort and convenience of their members during this transition has been a priority for the club, taking several measures to ensure members’ experience remains unaffected.

“For instance, we’ve transformed our private events room into a dining area during the restaurant renovation,” said Badikyan.

Without giving a specific figure, funding for the multi-million dollar projects has relied on capital reserves and securing additional financing — avoiding the need for special assessments on members.

Parkland Golf & Country Club Reveals Details of Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Plans
Parkland Golf & Country Club is an Audubon International Gold Certified community dedicated to protecting wildlife, like this burrowing owl who laid eggs at one of their bunkers. {PGCC}

The grand opening of the revamped club is tentatively scheduled for January 2024. However,  plans are still in the works and have not been finalized.

Citron said that PGCC has almost become its own market due to offering a lifestyle, unlike any other Parkland community with one-of-a-kind amenities of providing its own restaurant and events along with a champion golf course.

“It’s such an easy sell because of the improvements; the lifestyle you live here.”

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