Parkland Travel Soccer 2004 Boys’ Team. Photo by Angela Schumaker.

By Jill Fox

While most soccer teams are finished for the season, one local travel team is still going strong.

After finishing second in the state in the elite, highly competitive National Premiere League, the Parkland Travel Soccer 2004 Boys’ Team is busy finding ways to raise funds to pay for their next step. First, a trip to Rockford, Illinois at the end of June, where the top Eastern teams will face-off for the chance to land a spot in the finals. Then, with a successful playoff win, they would head to the championship game in Colorado in July.

The majority of the Parkland Travel Soccer team, made up of residents from Parkland to Aventura, has been competing together for two to four years. The 14 and 15-year-old players are coached by Anthony Davidson and Fitz Sinclair. Davidson, who has led the team for the past four years said they had a very good season.

“There was player development and great support from the parents, which resulted in two consecutive years of success,” he said.

According to the team manager, Antoinette Hines, whose son, Jonathan plays, the team won first place last year but were unable to attend the playoffs in Massachusetts for financial reasons.

“This time we are persistent to make this happen for the boys because they have worked extremely hard for this goal,” said Hines.

With a $10,000 goal in mind, fundraising efforts are well underway, including a pizza night at Pasquales and Sons on Thursday, May 23, where a portion of sales will be donated to the team. They also have plans for a carwash at a later date and have started a GoFundMe page complete with words of gratitude from some of the players.

Hines said a national championship win would not only give the team a high standing, but the title of NPL Champion would be huge in the youth soccer world, taking the club to the next level.

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Jill Fox
Jill Fox
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