Founding Families Raise $10,000 For Somerset Parkland Academy
Commissioner Jordan Isrow, Commissioner Ken Cutler, and Mayor Rich Walker recognize Principal Geyler Castro. {Photo by}

By Jill Fox

Somerset Parkland Academy honored their founding families last week at a special year-end celebration.

The Founder’s Event recognized all of their supporters who helped make the year a success.

“Our school’s vision from the very beginning was to create a culture of family,” said Principal Geyler Castro.

“We wanted a way to memorialize our first year together, so we created the founders club brick walkway,” said Jennifer Knight, Very Involved Parkland Parents (VIPP) President.

The Founder’s Club is open to families enrolled in the school’s 2020-2021 inaugural year who participated in their brick fundraiser.

“Our incredible parents helped us raise funds for a beautiful playground,” said Castro. “In addition, they will leave their legacy with us as part of the Founder’s Club, forever.”

To date, the school has raised over $10,000 for the outside activity area, which will include a playground, basketball courts, and a turf field.

Founding Families Raise $10,000 For Somerset Parkland Academy
Matthew, Mickayla, and Mason Sugrano {Photo by Jennifer Knight}

The city commission recognized Somerset Parkland Academy for its phenomenal beginning at the Founder’s event despite opening during a global pandemic.

Mayor Rich Walker said it is a true testament to their administration, teachers, parents, and students.

“It was beautiful to see the sense of community the school has fostered in such a short time,” said State Representative Christine Hunschofsky.

Bricks can still be purchased in two different sizes and can include a child’s name and the year, a family’s last name, or the names of siblings and the year.

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