Parkland Approves Homes

By Jill Fox

At their last virtual meeting, the Parkland city commission approved an ordinance increasing the number of housing units allowed along the south side of Loxahatchee Road.

This ordinance amends the future land use map to change the designation of approximately 26.5 acres from one housing unit per ten acres of land to three housing units per one acre of land, east of and adjacent to the canal.

Parkland approves homes

The increase in development rights didn’t come easily.

An application was completed by the landowner, TLH Sabra 2 LLC, of Lake Worth. In April 2018, the Planning & Zoning Board denied the land use plan amendment with a vote of 7 to 0. One year later, it passed unanimously at a city commission meeting on April 3, 2019.

In the second reading of the land use amendment on May 20, which state law requires, there were no comments from the dais or the public.

Commissioner Kagan made a motion to approve, with a second by Commissioner Walker, and the ordinance passed with a four to one vote, with Mayor Hunschofsky opposed.

The land remains deed-restricted, meaning residency will be limited to those age 55 and older, and the vote effectively increases the number of buildable units on the property from 2 to 75.

According to a traffic study completed in November 2017, the proposed land-use change would result in an increase of 777 daily trips, most notably 60 a.m. peak hour trips and 78 p.m. peak hour trips.

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Jill Fox
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