Parkland Man Arrested in Connection with Reckless Vehicle Maneuvers
Anthony Rodriguez {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A Parkland man has been taken into custody by Miami-Dade police following his involvement in a dangerous street intersection takeover on October 1.

According to an affidavit supporting an arrest warrant, Miami-Dade Police Department officers responded to a service call along Little River Drive when a street takeover at Northwest 17th Avenue and Northwest 95th Stree obstructed their route.

The report details a scene where a white vehicle and a black vehicle, spinning recklessly, were surrounded by spectators outside their cars. The officers observed the vehicles performing dangerous maneuvers commonly known as “drifting,” “donuts,” or “spinning.”

Police attempted to disperse the crowd and the vehicles using emergency lights, sirens, and an air horn, but the intersection remained occupied. Backup was eventually called for as the situation escalated.

During the incident, a spectator allegedly kicked an officer’s vehicle, and another threw an unknown explosive object, possibly a firework, at a marked police cruiser, according to Miami-Dade police.

Anthony Rodriguez, 24, who was identified as the driver of a white Dodge Challenger involved in the takeover, allegedly placed his vehicle in reverse and accelerated backward towards a marked police cruiser, narrowly avoiding a collision that forced the officers to brace for impact.

Just three days following that incident, Rodriguez was arrested in Parkland for an unrelated crime. Records show that on October 4, Rodriguez was arrested by Broward County Sheriff’s deputies on grand theft auto charges. 

In that incident, authorities were conducting a surveillance operation near Holmberg Road and Northwest 62nd Place when they discovered Rodriguez driving a vehicle with illegal tint. 

Upon a traffic stop, he failed to provide proof of ownership, and further investigation revealed that the vehicle had been reported stolen in Dade County. Rodriguez was later released from the Broward County Main Jail after posting bond. 

Rodriguez now faces additional charges related to the street intersection takeover, including reckless driving, resisting arrest, and assault on a law enforcement officer. 

Miami-Dade Police Department is actively investigating the incident, and Rodriguez is scheduled to appear in court for his charges in the coming weeks.

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