Parkland Students and their Families Surprise Teacher with Parade
Ethan holds up a sign for Mrs. Wentico during the surprise caravan.

By Jill Fox

Parents felt the need to do something special for their children’s Heron Heights second-grade teacher, Jody Wentico, who has gone out of her way to help her students excel during the stay-at-home order.

Parkland Students and their Families Surprise Teacher with Parade
Jody Wentico, Heron Heights, a 2nd-grade teacher

Nicole Boothe, the mother of Tyler, 7, and Peyton, 11, organized a surprise caravan with other parents through Wentico’s Deerfield Beach neighborhood, complete with moms honking, and excited students waiving signs.

Almost all of the class participated, and when the cars were in position, Boothe texted Wentico, “Your package has arrived, go outside, so it doesn’t melt.”

Wentico was utterly shocked when she saw the cars.

“She had no idea– she started crying,” said Boothe, who shared, “Tyler’s class surprised his teacher with a fun parade to tell her ‘thank you’ for all her hard work. She has gone above and beyond all year, but especially during virtual learning.”

During the stay-at-home order, Wentico teaches lessons over Zoom for an hour-and-a-half to two hours every morning.

Boothe said, “She teaches math or a writing lesson, a reading lesson, she even has recess, where they all get up and dance half-way through the call.”

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