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Sofia Rothenberg wearing a 3 Heart Strings face mask

By Jill Fox

To help raise funds for healthcare workers on the front lines, locally-run nonprofit 3 Heart Strings has created a new line of “End COVID-19” products.

Started initially by Hanna Guttentag, a freshman at the University of Florida, Stacey Gringauz, a freshman at the University of Colorado and Sofia Rothenberg, a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 3 Heart Strings has donated over $275,000 to various charities since its inception in 2015.

After a virtual meeting to discuss what they could do to help, the women began making and selling “End COVID-19” bracelets to support EndCovid-19.org, which assists in getting PPE supplies to the healthcare workers on the front lines.

According to them, the bracelets represent HOPE that things will get better, STRENGTH to hold on until it does, and UNITY to tie us all together.

Rothenberg has been busily making the bracelets from her Parkland home. They first started selling the bracelets but wanted to do more to help, so they began making masks using the same fabric.

End COVID-19 bracelets ate blue for healthcare workers

Gabby Fisher, a sophomore at MSD, who has been involved with 3 Heart Strings since 2018, said her mother is a NICU nurse, and it is essential to continue raising money for those who have to work during this time.

“We’ve already sold 150 masks, and raised over $4,000 for End COVID-19,” said Rothenberg.

Each month, the Parkland-based nonprofit donates 100 percent of its profits to a different charity. Past recipients have been Not my Daughter, JAFCO, and the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The organization donated $180,000 directly to the families of the victims after the tragedy.

“We try to raise money for whatever is prevalent at the time,” said Rothenberg.

In addition to selling around 500 of the coronavirus bracelets, 3 Heart Strings has donated them to Mayo clinic, for both workers and Coronavirus patients, as well as the frontline workers in the emergency room at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Zoe Weissman, an eighth-grader at American Heritage, joined the organization when two founders left for college. She has been focusing on public relations efforts, which have proven difficult with social distancing guidelines in place.

“We just want to keep helping as much as we can. It’s what we can do to give back during this time,” Rothenberg said.

To purchase a bracelet or mask or donate to 3 Heart Strings, visit 3heartstrings.com.

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Jill Fox
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