Parkland Crime Update

By Jill Fox

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes that occurred in Parkland through March 1.

Animal Bite

6800 block of NW 110 Way
On February 26, there was a delayed report of a dog bite incident that occurred on February 25, dog vs. dog with minor injuries.

Auto Theft

6100 block of NW 66 Way
On February 25, unknown subjects attempted to steal the victim’s vehicle, at which time was abandoned down the street.

Criminal Mischief

10600 block of NW 69 Street
The resident advised that between February 25 and 26, someone scratched the driver’s side door of her black BMW with an unknown object. The vehicle was parked on the side of the road across from her driveway facing east. because of construction on her roof.

Fraud – All other

7705 North State Road 7 – Wawa Gas Station
On February 28, the store manager reported two current employees who stole approximately $350 worth of gas between January 4 and February 19. The employees would pre-authorize a fuel pump sale, fuel up their cars, void the made-up sale, and issue a refund.


9245 Ranch Road – Barkland Dog Park
On February 25, the reporting person advised that there were two large dogs present in the small dog area at Barkland Dog Park. The large dogs were not present upon the deputy’s arrival, but the reporting person identified one owner.

10600 block of NW 69 Street – Fox Ridge
On February 25, the reporting person advised that a tree branch damaged the City Furniture truck he was driving during a delivery.

6575 NW 76 Drive – Terramar Park
On February 27, while residents were at the park, they had a misunderstanding at which time a cellphone was damaged. The parties agreed to a settlement in which no further assistance was needed.

10900 block of NW 64 Drive – Parkland Isles
On February 27, deputies responded to the residence about an information report. The reporting person received calls from Shanghai, China, about a package containing three US Passports.

7500 block of NW 112 Terrace – Parkland Reserve
On February 28, a man parked his vehicle inside the community while he walked his child to school. The president of the association wanted him warned about being on private property and trespassing.

6575 NW 76 Drive – Terramar Park
On February 28, the reporter noticed someone had scribbled with a marker on the wall of the concession stand. No victims were listed.

9245 Ranch Road – Barkland Dog Park
On March 1, a verbal argument took place between park-goers over dog behavior. There was no criminal activity.

Theft/Retail shoplifting

7621 North State Road 7 – CVS
On February 26, the manager at CVS advised that a female came into the store and stole $364 worth of items by putting them into a black bag that she was carrying and casually walked out, getting into an unknown white SUV fleeing south on SR 7.

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Author Profile

Jill Fox
Jill Fox
Jill Fox is an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. She has worked in public relations and television for over 20 years. Fox lives in Parkland with her husband and their two children.

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