Crime Update for Parkland Florida

By Jim Donnelly

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates with residents, this is a summary of crimes and other Parkland incidents through October 30, 2023.


A victim of Burglary Conveyance was reported on 10/24/2023. The total estimated loss was $570. The victim arrived at the park with her child. When she returned to her vehicle, she discovered the driver’s side passenger window was broken out. Her purse had been on the floorboard behind the driver’s seat and was missing.

Threat Assessment

A Threat Assessment was reported on University Drive on 10/26/2023. A fax came in regarding a student sending a threatening message on a group chat. During the investigation, the student admitted to the School Counselor that he sent the message and thought it was a joke. The Threat Management Unit was present to take over the investigation.


Information on University Drive was reported on 10/28/2023. Five unknown male juveniles were observed cutting through the parking lot on northbound University Drive along the eastern sidewalk. While crossing, the boys began yelling obscenities and “Kill the Jews.”

Information on 10/24/2023. The reporting person advised that he loaned his truck to an acquaintance in April 2023, and the subject only paid him for one month. They only had a verbal contract. The reporting person has attempted to get his vehicle back or get payment but has been unable to contact the subject.

Information on 10/24/2023. The reporting person advised that he witnessed a black mini Cooper driving down the residential street, stopping at 10-15 mailboxes and taking mail from them.

Traffic Offense

A non-arrestable Traffic Offense on Holmberg Road on 10/29/2023. The subject was seen popping a wheelie on an electric motorcycle while driving westbound on Holmberg Road in the lanes of traffic. A traffic stop was conducted, citations were issued for careless driving, and the motorcycle was towed.

Property Damage

Property Damage on NW 91 Avenue on 10/30/2023. The reporting person was entering the resident side of the community as the guest access was not functioning. The security guard at the gate opened the gate arm. The reporting person drove through the gate, but the arm fell prematurely on the vehicle, scratching the roof by the driver-side door. 

A victim of Property Damage on Trails End on 10/24/2023. The reporting person stated the suspect, a known individual, was rolling his skateboard back and forth. In the process, the skateboard slipped under the suspect’s foot and shattered the glass window.

A victim of Property Damage on Lago Way on 10/27/2023. The south gate was damaged by a large delivery truck requiring repair.


Holding Hernandez, James, Anthony, 28, was arrested on a charge of Burglary Occupied Conveyance Unarmed on N State Road 7 on 10/24/2023.

Pigida, Vladimir, Petrovich, 49, was arrested on a charge of Warrant at NW 68 Drive on 10/24/2023.

Neal, Reginal, Gerome, 52, was arrested on a charge of Warrant Bond at N State Road 7 on 10/24/2023.

Small, Michael, Patrick, 47, was arrested on a charge of Touch Or Strike/Battery/Domestic Violence on Watercrest Circle W on 10/28/2023.

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