Parkland Dressage Trainer Elie Scofield Puts The Horse First
Ellie Scofield, owner of Galloways Farm in Parkland {photo courtesy Ellie Scofield}

By Claire Nana

Parkland classical dressage trainer Ellie Scofield is all about bringing out the best in her horses and riders.

A Parkland resident since 1998, Ellie Scofield owns and operates Galloways Farm at 5400 Pine Tree Rd. with her husband, Ken.  Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Ken and Ellie have been married for 25 years, and while they don’t have children, their lives are dedicated to horses.

A lifelong believer in the well-being of her horses, Ellie teaches classical dressage –-a method of improving the balance and correctness of a horse’s way of moving to a variety of amateurs and advanced riders.

She believes it all begins with the relationship a rider has with their horse.  “The most important thing is to love your horse. You have to love your horse more than you love to ride your horse.”

Ellie, who holds United States Dressage Federation (USDF) silver and bronze medals and national and regional awards, has also coached amateurs and juniors to USDF National and Regional awards.

At her farm, Ellie offers lessons for adult riders and juniors over ten and horse training. “We are especially known for our personal, top-of-the-line care, where the horse is put first,” says Ellie.

Although her competitive accomplishments speak for her credibility as a rider and trainer, one of Scofield’s most profound accomplishments is simply keeping her farm running when Ken became ill with Huntington’s Disease.

While Ellie originally came to Florida with her husband in 1998 to help care for her mother-in-law, she saw Parkland as the perfect place for horses. “We liked Parkland because it felt very peaceful, quiet, and horse-friendly. It is not overwhelming and has a hometown feel,” she said.

Ellie also notes residents in Parkland expect to see horses and tend to be very friendly to them. The community and the Equestrian Center also offer a lot of community support to equestrians.

While she enjoys planning and organizing equestrian events through the Parkland Horsemen’s Association, where she serves as the vice president, she also likes to introduce new people to horses. 

Ellie believes that the best thing a new horse owner can do is educate themselves. “Do your research. Ask questions, go look at the horses and see if they look like they are well cared for,” she said. “Remember, this is a sport that involves another living being, and we have to factor their well-being into the equation.”

Parkland Dressage Trainer Elie Scofield Puts The Horse First
Ellie and Ken Scofield of Parkland

Her community involvement, and genuine desire to help riders, extends to the store she owns and operates, Spectrum Saddle Shop, located 6738 North State Rd 7 in Coconut Creek.

“Spectrum is a community store,” she said. “We like to help people get what they need, support them in any way we can, and support all the local equestrian programs. We are education-based and always want our customers to feel like we are here to help.”  

In the future, Ellie would like to see more equestrian events, more resources for the Equestrian Center, and more people interested in learning about horses and perhaps loving them as she does.

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